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Retro Replay + Net 2 - Final Replay

Right. The Retro Replay rules, we knew that, and of course I have had one for the past 2 years without having a c64 or any actual hardware to use. You can see/use the retro replay within vice if you wish to see what it's like, and it is useful for various things (monitor, etc) there.

However, most folks use the Cyberpunx cart with it. Which is a GOOD cart.

But, see, the RR has 2 banks. _2_ banks of 64k mem, that you can load a cart onto. So, yes, you can load your cyberpunx cart with TASS on one, and the 'final replay' on the other.

Why would you do this?
Well, first, it's a 32k cart, which I believe leaves 32k for other programs on the rom. There's a way to do this. Haven't messed with it yet, will (:
Second, it's based on (but not programmed on top of- done from scratch) the final cartridge III. Now some of you (DDT said this) may feel the FCIII was a crap cart or a bullshit cart, but having had one and having used it to dissasemble things and do various bits back in the day - I do somewhat prefer it. The scrolling bits seem more natural being able to go forward and back... anyway.
They didn't put in the desktop bit (cuz we didn't use that after all, we used our own tools (: ) and have put in a network client.
With the ability to use device 6 as the ethernet device, which can write/read files on your pc.
Or you can use a lil' ol' command 'codenet' to send files over from the pc. This has windows and linux versions (haven't compiled the linux version for the osX machine yet. Need to compile the netdrive bit first (: )
Now some of you may be saying 'it's not real if it's not on floppies (or tape)' but see, I have _5_ floppies, and I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ANY OF THE DATA ON THEM. And backing them up requires that I send zipcode there... which I _can_ do using the pc! w00t!

Anyway, the net bit has some seriously cool functions, which any coder would want.
1. send program
2. send program and run
3. send data to particular address
^^^^^ GEE, I dunno what I'd use THAT for... (:

CodeNet V0.2 alpha by John "Graham" Selck on 17.5.2005.

-n IP-address Sets the IP-address of the C64 server.
-p Port Sets the port number of the protocol.
-w Filename Sends a PRG file to the C64.
-wa Filename Addr Sends a PRG file to the C64 to a specified address.
-wb Filename Addr Sends a binary file to the C64 to a specified address.
-x Filename Sends a PRG file to the C64 and executes it
-f Start End Fill Fills a block of C64 memory.
-e Adress Jumps to an address in memory.
-r Executes a program via "RUN".

> codenet -f $1000 $2080 $C0 -n
So, needless to say, I'm happy as all hell, I have my hardware, I can use my hardware, and I can program over here, cross-compiling stuff, test in emulator if I need to, and then - send to the 128 via net.

Oh, needless to say, you DO need the RR Net for this. But who the hell wasn't going to get the net adapter anyway?

Contiki is kinda cool, and well, hey, it has the function to write d64 files to floppage, which does need to be worked on a bit but now that I have codenet... prolly won't bother (: I'll just keep my d64 writing program and write a floppage after building it on pc, here (:

Thus, reducing my problem of not having enough floppages for the c128 to minor. (I still need more floppages.)

linkage: Oxyron's Final Replay
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