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C64's Journal
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
4:15 pm
V.A.-"SEED64"(a collection of c64 game music coverversions)out on HEADPHONICA(free dl)!!


There's more to this compilation than giving credit to our COMMODORE64 nostalgia, it is meant to show people who never owned a c64 or played it (or those who weren't even born in the late70s/early 80s)the sheer force that the featured c64 music had. Tim Follin,Ben Daglish,Mark Cooksey,Neil Brennan,Stephen Ruddy, Anthony Crowther,Martin Galway,Dave Lee,Rob Hubbard,Jason.S.Brooke,Peter Clarke,Jonathan Dunn,John Fitzpatrick,Chris Hülsbeck,Fred Gray and other c64 composers redefined the aural landscape of the 80s ,propelled the demo scene and thus helped democratize music on a global scale.This non-8bit tribute aims at acknowledging their greatness and the very tunes that became iconic.

You can download this HEADPHONICA-released album HERE:


or here:



or here:



01.Romeo Knight - Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
game:Bionic Commando
© 1987 GO!
Development:Software Creations
Programming: Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Music: Tim Follin

02.Bladiator - Suicide express for 2 Pianos
game: Suicide Express
© 1985 Gremlin Graphics
Everything by:Antony Crowther
Genre:Shoot'em up

03.N-Joy-Led Storm Funky Edit
game: Led Storm
© 1988 Capcom
Production: Go!
Commodore 64 version: Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Graphics: Mark Wilson
Music: Tim Follin
Genre: Racing

04.Noviello Pippo - Comic Bakery (Jazz mix)
game:Comic Bakery
© 1986 Imagine
Programming:Colin Gresty
Graphics: Stephen Wahid
Music:Martin Galway

05.Andrea Baroni - Erebus (piano)
© 1986 Virgin Games
Design:Steve Lee
Programming:Steve Lee
Graphics:Martin Wheeler
Music:Dave Lee
Genre:Shoot'em up

06.Moonove - Delta
© 1987 Thalamus
Written by: Stavros Fasoulas
Music: Rob Hubbard
Loader: John Twiddy
Testpilot: 'Clumsy' Colin
Artwork:David Rowe
Layout:Oliver Frey
Producer:Andrew Wright
Producer:Gary Liddon
Financial guidance:Franco Frey
Genre: Shoot'em up

07.NecroPolo - Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix)
Bionic Commando
© 1987 GO!
Development:Software Creations
Programming: Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Music: Tim Follin
Copyright: Capcom
Genre: Platform

08.Doron Deutsch - Out Run (magical acoustic shower)
© 1986 U.S. Gold
Development:Amazing Products
Programming:Martin Webb
Graphics:Dennis Webb
Music:Jason C. Brooke

09.Christian Vestergaard - The Last V8 (Piano cover)
game:The Last V8
© 1985 Mastertronic
Programming:David Darling
Graphics:Jim Wilson
Music:Rob Hubbard

10.Mahoney - Black Lamp subtune 1 (codename whistler)
game: Black Lamp
© 1988 Firebird
Development:Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Titlescreen:Paul Docherty
Music: Tim Follin
Genre: Runaround

11.Linus Akesson - One Man And His Piano
game:One Man and His Droid
©1985 Mastertronic
Conversion:Adrian Sheppard
Creator:Clive Brooker
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Arcade, Miscellaneous

12.Rune-Bertil's - Pandora's Ficka (Ark Pandora)
game:Ark Pandora
© 1986 Rino Marketing
Written by:John Stevenson
Written by:Johnny Meegan
Music:Ben Daglish
Music driver:Antony Crowther

13.Mutherpluckin' B - Sanxion (Unsanxioned Soloing)
© 1986 Thalamus
Written by:Stavros Fasoulas
Titlescreen:Mat Sneap
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Shoot'em up

14.Gustav Taxén - Wizball
game: Wizball
© 1987 Ocean
Development:Sensible Software
Programming:Chris Yates
Graphics:Jon Hare
Music:Martin Galway

15.Tim Winsky - Bandle Bobble (Bubble Bobble Live by Hampshire Regional High School)
game:Bubble Bobble
© 1987 Firebird
Conversion:Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics:Andrew Threlfall
Music:Peter Clarke
Licensed from:Taito

this track also includes the NEW ZEALAND STORY game theme
game:The New Zealand Story
© 1989 Imagine
Programming:Richard Palmer
Graphics:Stephen Wahid
Music:Jonathan Dunn

16.PICRARD-ghosts n goblins 09(short)
game: Ghosts'n Goblins
© 1986 Elite
Programming:Chris Butler
Graphics:Chris Butler
Titlescreen:Ste Pickford
Music:Mark Cooksey

17.The Subversive Elements - Blasteroids (Funkadelik Harmonica 2010)
© 1989 ImageWorks
Programming:Brian Pollock
Graphics:Dave Colledge
Music:Ben Daglish
Licenced to:Mirrorsoft
Other bits:Bill
Other bits:Craig
Other bits:Pete J
Other bits:Pete M
Genre:Shoot'em up

18.Doron Deutsch - Bruce Lee (acoustic Jam)
game:Bruce Lee
© 1984 Datasoft
Concept:Kelly Day
Concept:Ron J Fortier
Programming:Ron J Fortier
Graphics:Kelly Day
Music:John Fitzpatrick
Documentation:Ingrid Holcomb

19.Christian Vestergaard - The Great Giana Sisters (Piano cover)
game:The Great Giana Sisters
© 1987 Rainbow Arts
Production:Time Warp
Programming:Armin Gessert
Graphics:Manfred Trenz
Music:Chris Hülsbeck

20.Petar Alargic TransakT[1].INC - Usaaagi (Usagi Yojimbo)
game:Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo
© 1988 Firebird
Copyright:Beam Software
Musician:Neil Brennan
Genre:Adventure, Arcade 2D

21.Gamml - C64 International Karate (Rock)
game:International Karate
© 1986 System 3
Production:Mark Cale
Written by:Archer Maclean
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Beat'em up

22.Lezet - West Bank
game: West Bank
© 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Music:Fred Gray

23.MutherpluckinB -Cryin in the Delta Wind
© 1987 Thalamus
Written by: Stavros Fasoulas
Music: Rob Hubbard
Loader: John Twiddy
Testpilot: 'Clumsy' Colin
Artwork:David Rowe
Layout:Oliver Frey
Producer:Andrew Wright
Producer:Gary Liddon
Financial guidance:Franco Frey
Genre: Shoot'em up

all additional details concerning the abovementioned games can be found on these fantastic sites that have been preserving c64 history for years now:


Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
1:58 pm
LEZET-"RANSID"out on SURRISM PHONOETHICS(an hommage to c64 composers)


presents you another fine gem compiled by the mighty LEZET 'Ransid'
A tribute to the C64 made exclusively by using the sid sounds.
"I participated in a compilation project of acoustic video game covers and it gradually turned me into a nostalgic bore to those around me ,setting the time back and reminding me of countless hours spent at playing the proots out of my very own indestructible c64 (got it in 1985,stopped playing it around 1994). The sensations and memories surged out with each and every game I revisited and it  gave me a clear idea of where the initial sparks of my interest in music came from. I remember hearing "Smoke On The Water" for the first time as a kid and having said to my late father: "These guys stole this theme from Tim Follin and his "Led Storm"!". Seeing him laugh his heart out was a complete mystery. I was angry with him for the next 2 days..."
-Igor Jovanovic

1 Loader (Dedicated To Jeroen Tel) 7:14
2 Walkthrough (Dedicated To Ben Daglish) 0:54
3 Glitch (Dedicated To Martin Galway) 4:42
4 Level Completed (Dedicated To Tim Follin) 0:11
5 Press Play On Tape (Dedicated To Neil Brennan & Rob Hubbard) 5:55
6 The Ringing Tower (Dedicated To Mark Cooksey) 3:40
all tracks written by Igor Jovanovic in 2009 (except for a portion of “Press Play on Tape” born out of a deck manipulation in 1996) I thank all the C64 composers worldwide & all the German cracking teams of the 80s.
you can download the album here:


or here:



Saturday, December 24th, 2005
5:29 pm
Retro Replay + Net 2 - Final Replay
Right. The Retro Replay rules, we knew that, and of course I have had one for the past 2 years without having a c64 or any actual hardware to use. You can see/use the retro replay within vice if you wish to see what it's like, and it is useful for various things (monitor, etc) there.

However, most folks use the Cyberpunx cart with it. Which is a GOOD cart.

But, see, the RR has 2 banks. _2_ banks of 64k mem, that you can load a cart onto. So, yes, you can load your cyberpunx cart with TASS on one, and the 'final replay' on the other.

Why would you do this?Collapse )

linkage: Oxyron's Final Replay
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
11:56 pm
contiki wget
I did want to put this note somewhere, and somewhere that might be found useful, so, bear with me (:

IF you are using contiki on your c64 or c128 or similar hardware, using retro replay + net, and you wish to transfer files with wget:

 1. I'm not really sure how you transfer single FILES.  While it seems to support that option, there is no button to begin the process for a single file. You do have an option to download and write a full d64 image... so you may need to use some tool to make a d64 and transfer the whole thing over to get a single file.

2. Writing a d64 image is also somewhat troublesome - in that contiki doesn't deal with disk swaps well. At all. That means you need to make a copy of the contiki disk first, and use that copy to do the whole shebang.
  1. make copy of contiki onto your floppy
  2. load contiki from the copy
  3. start wget, and go to a webpage with the d64 file you wish to download.
  4. allow wget to overwrite the floppy - the copy of contiki you are running from.

Seems silly, but it does work; and as other things I tried (going into the monitor, checking to see that the drive knew another disk was in there... well, you know what I mean, it could read the disk fine...  then returning to contiki... other attempts, did not work.  This did.

I hope this solves an issue for someone and allows them to transfer things to their machine a bit easier.

If you're confused as to what the heck a retro replay +net is, it's a retro replay cartridge + the ethernet module. It gives you ethernet, plus various things like an assembler and a monitor and other cool things that are good to have with a c64 or 128.  It's 10baseT ethernet; and contiki is a suite of programs that let you surf the web, transfer files, and do a telnet session (tho that telnet seems to be a tad buggy in the verison I have... well, had.  I just copied a d64 version of the latest over the net (:  )

I should also point out, now that I'm actually running the latest contiki, that the above is for an earlier version of contiki - which may have shipped with your rr+net.  If your contiki is 40 columns, it probably exhibits the above problem... i.e. no 'disk subsystem' driver (which the new, 80 column contiki, seems to have.)
Saturday, December 10th, 2005
2:56 pm
if you live in the austin area, then you need to be here
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:26 am
Hardware Failures

I recently bought a nonworking C64 to use its keyboard in a 6502-based computer, which I was then going to use to control an analogue synthesizer I was planning to build.  However, then I discovered how cool the SID chip was and decided to get a working C64 instead.

Said computer worked fine for about a fortnight and then died abruptly one afternoon.  The afternoon before, it had failed to load a program I had written and saved, claiming an out of memory error, which I assumed was a tape problem, but still seemed odd given that the program had actually been written on the C64.

Anyhoo, long story short, it doesn't work, and when switched on the power light doesn't light and although the TV does get some kind of a signal, the screen seems to be blank.

This is exactly what happens when you turn on my other nonworking C64.  This led me to suspect that whatever had failed, failed very commonly.

My current conjecture (no pun intended) is that this is some kind of power supply failure.  However, I don't know and I will need a multimeter to figure that out.  So, basically, do any of you know what the most common hardware failure in a C64 is, and does it look like this?

Incidentally, once it's back up and running, I want to get programs I've written on a cross assembler on my desktop machine on to tapes.  I am guessing it could be done by sending an audio signal into a hi-fi cassette deck, but I can't find any signal specs for C64 cassettes.  Can anyone suggest any cool resources?

Thanks to defconx I think this is a power supply issue; unfortunately, Maplin electronics only carry 230/15V transformers up to 16W, and those are "2 × 0.6A" according to the catalogue, making me think it's a 2-phase 15V either side of ground.  I think running two or three in parallel would work; can anyone think of any reason why I shouldn't do that?

Hopefully a 5VDC supply should be easier to procure!

Friday, February 25th, 2005
3:42 pm
looking for SID chips
I am looking for 2 MOS 6581 (revision not that important) and 3 MOS 8580 SID chips. Does anyone know where I could purchase these besides having to buy a C64/C128 and taking out the chips?
Monday, September 20th, 2004
3:10 am
Fixing a 1541?
I just got my old c64 dug out of my mums basement. Theres a story i wrote on it a long time ago Id like to access. problem is there is somethign wrong with the 1541 disk drive. As I recall, the manual door latch clicked shut. Now it's 'loose'. It doesn't stay up in the open position (just falls back down) and doesn't 'click' in the down position to be 'closed'. The drive won't read any disks because it thinks the drive door is 'open' and the drive in 'not ready'. Is this fixable, and if so are there instructions someplace on what to do? I'd like to try fixng it myself if possible because im not employed right now and every dollar counts.
Monday, August 30th, 2004
9:31 am
Turrican 3 OUT NOW!
After 7 years of developing it is done. Smash Designs proudly presents TURRICAN 3!!! What should we say? Download, your copy here!

Mirror: http://www.fzool.org/daten/t3.zip
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
9:08 am
Like, hey, people. I jsut joined, pretty new to teh whole 'livejournal community' thing, so forgive me if I commit any faux pas here.

So, yeah. Hello people. I guess my story is the same as other peoples here.. Used to have a '64 back when I was 7, coded on it since then (inspiration: jeff minter) and it just set me up for life. Now I'm 20, and I havent really changed. :)

One question though. I fancy having a play with this SuperCPU thingy, but I dnt really like the idea of shelling out for it before I get a chance to tinker. Are there any emus that support it?

Friday, November 21st, 2003
6:45 pm
It's great to see a C64 community. I'd like to add my 2¢ to the community. While not as exciting as software companies who are still creating new games, I have created some games in BASIC over the last 17 years. I'd like to share them with you. Also, there are games, both BASIC and ML made by other people as well, who have asked me to post their stuff. Please come drop by and take what you like.

Click here.
Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
4:03 pm
Is anyone going to buy a c-one?
Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
8:37 pm
Vintage computers and accessories for sale
I have for sale a large lot of vintage computers and
accessories- Kaypro, Next, Commodore, Sun, Apple,
Amiga, Tandy and more! I'd be willing to sell em
individually or as a lot, but they have to go as I am
moving to a smaller place and desperately need
cashola. I can ship if necessary, if you're not in
Austin. If you're interested at all email me and I can
get you details on models etc. Thanks for indulging my
self-promotion, I can assure you it is born only of
the most extreme poverty :)
Saturday, April 12th, 2003
3:57 pm
Are you familiar with http://radio.c64.org ?
Saturday, November 30th, 2002
4:38 pm
Looking for a C64 buddy in the NYC area
Yeah, I live in Brooklyn (Bensonhurst) and was wondering if any people from the tri state area wanted to come over my house and play some of my classic C64 games in exchange for helping me learn programming on the Commodore. I've got about 40 games, impossible to find nowadays, and I'm sure you'd have fun. so yeah, give me a holler (respond to this with your e-mail address) if you're game. Thanks.
Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
5:04 pm

anybody going ?
Saturday, August 24th, 2002
3:29 am
ive got new tracks...
check em out...
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
12:29 am
the other night i had this dream where i went to a huge library in manhattan, in one part they had like ten Apple ][GS's setup, then on the other side ten Commodore CBM's setup, then the librarian told me that they didn't want them and i could have them! so i became very happy but then i woke up and became very sad. :'-(
Friday, August 2nd, 2002
3:49 pm
Boys and girls... can anyone fill me in on the HardSID? Does anyone know anything about it? Can you compare it to a Sidstation? How do you control it? The idea of having a Sid soundcard in my PC is very amusing.

5:07 pm
MekkaSymposium 2003 ?!
Anyone going ?

I wanted to have an entry for this year,
but my HD crashed...

I'm really considering to try again,
but I might need a helping hand.

Coding isn't a problem,
but my muzaks sound horrible ;)
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