Andrew (andrewwyld) wrote in c64,

Hardware Failures

I recently bought a nonworking C64 to use its keyboard in a 6502-based computer, which I was then going to use to control an analogue synthesizer I was planning to build.  However, then I discovered how cool the SID chip was and decided to get a working C64 instead.

Said computer worked fine for about a fortnight and then died abruptly one afternoon.  The afternoon before, it had failed to load a program I had written and saved, claiming an out of memory error, which I assumed was a tape problem, but still seemed odd given that the program had actually been written on the C64.

Anyhoo, long story short, it doesn't work, and when switched on the power light doesn't light and although the TV does get some kind of a signal, the screen seems to be blank.

This is exactly what happens when you turn on my other nonworking C64.  This led me to suspect that whatever had failed, failed very commonly.

My current conjecture (no pun intended) is that this is some kind of power supply failure.  However, I don't know and I will need a multimeter to figure that out.  So, basically, do any of you know what the most common hardware failure in a C64 is, and does it look like this?

Incidentally, once it's back up and running, I want to get programs I've written on a cross assembler on my desktop machine on to tapes.  I am guessing it could be done by sending an audio signal into a hi-fi cassette deck, but I can't find any signal specs for C64 cassettes.  Can anyone suggest any cool resources?

Thanks to defconx I think this is a power supply issue; unfortunately, Maplin electronics only carry 230/15V transformers up to 16W, and those are "2 × 0.6A" according to the catalogue, making me think it's a 2-phase 15V either side of ground.  I think running two or three in parallel would work; can anyone think of any reason why I shouldn't do that?

Hopefully a 5VDC supply should be easier to procure!

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