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contiki wget

I did want to put this note somewhere, and somewhere that might be found useful, so, bear with me (:

IF you are using contiki on your c64 or c128 or similar hardware, using retro replay + net, and you wish to transfer files with wget:

 1. I'm not really sure how you transfer single FILES.  While it seems to support that option, there is no button to begin the process for a single file. You do have an option to download and write a full d64 image... so you may need to use some tool to make a d64 and transfer the whole thing over to get a single file.

2. Writing a d64 image is also somewhat troublesome - in that contiki doesn't deal with disk swaps well. At all. That means you need to make a copy of the contiki disk first, and use that copy to do the whole shebang.
  1. make copy of contiki onto your floppy
  2. load contiki from the copy
  3. start wget, and go to a webpage with the d64 file you wish to download.
  4. allow wget to overwrite the floppy - the copy of contiki you are running from.

Seems silly, but it does work; and as other things I tried (going into the monitor, checking to see that the drive knew another disk was in there... well, you know what I mean, it could read the disk fine...  then returning to contiki... other attempts, did not work.  This did.

I hope this solves an issue for someone and allows them to transfer things to their machine a bit easier.

If you're confused as to what the heck a retro replay +net is, it's a retro replay cartridge + the ethernet module. It gives you ethernet, plus various things like an assembler and a monitor and other cool things that are good to have with a c64 or 128.  It's 10baseT ethernet; and contiki is a suite of programs that let you surf the web, transfer files, and do a telnet session (tho that telnet seems to be a tad buggy in the verison I have... well, had.  I just copied a d64 version of the latest over the net (:  )

I should also point out, now that I'm actually running the latest contiki, that the above is for an earlier version of contiki - which may have shipped with your rr+net.  If your contiki is 40 columns, it probably exhibits the above problem... i.e. no 'disk subsystem' driver (which the new, 80 column contiki, seems to have.)
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